Product Liability Attorney Near Me


Anyone can be affected by a dangerous product.  A products liability case can be one of the most complex kind of injury lawsuits imaginable.  Our lawyers are prepared to work hard to determine if the accident is a result of  a manufacturing defect, design flaw, deficiency in instruction, or a failure to warn of a possible danger in using the product.


Understanding a products liability claim

  • A manufacturing flaw is what occurs when a product was not manufactured properly creating a hazardous condition that can cause injury or death.
  • A flaw in design can also be dangerous when the product is manufactured as intended, but the design of it is negligent .
  • Failure to warn of a danger that can be caused by proper use or a deficiency in giving directions for use can be disastrous


Steps to take when an injury occurs

  • Seek medical attention
  • Report the accident
  • Keep the product
  • Take photos


At Coleman, Chambers and Rogers, LLP we understand that preparation is key in winning cases against major corporations. We are prepared to hold them accountable for the greater good of the population.  Our team has the vast experience to ensure a successful claim.