Experienced Georgia DUI Attorneys

In an instant, your life or the life of a family member could be changed by a drunk driver. Driving while intoxicated is negligent and could be found to support an award of punitive damages.  At Coleman, Chambers and Rogers, LLP, if necessary, we will utilize the assistance of toxicologists and experts in the field of alcohol consumption and absorption to establish the liability of a drunk driver.  If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence of a drunk or intoxicated driver, trust the personal injury lawyers at Coleman, Chambers and Rogers, LLP to handle your claim.

A drunk driver is always responsible for his or her own negligence, but other parties, including restaurants or individuals who provided alcohol to a visually intoxicated person, could also be held liable.  Claims against a restaurant or bar for serving someone too much alcohol are referred to as “Dram Shop Claims.” Establishments and their employees have a duty to serve alcohol responsibly. Georgia’s Dram Shop statute contains provisions that hold bars and restaurants accountable for injuries caused by drunk drivers who consume alcohol at their establishments and subsequently drive, where the individual exhibits visible signs of intoxication and the restaurant or bar’s employees have reason to know the patron will soon be driving. If you have been injured by a drunk driver who was over-served, you may have a claim against the bar, restaurant or establishment where he/she was drinking prior to the accident.  At Coleman, Chambers and Rogers, LLP we have experience handling Dram Shop Claims.  Call us today to discuss whether you have a claim against a bar or restaurant for over-serving a driver.